Belgorama operates in Belgium in 1 airport location.

Did you ever enjoy a meal in a restaurant with a pigeon house, garden gnomes, fences and excessive direction signs? This is your chance! Discover the brand new Belgorama restaurant at Brussels Airport Terminal A (daily from 04h00 until 20h30). In case you were wondering, the interior is a funny allusion to the Belgian popular architecture J The food focus is on Belgian traditional dishes. However, if you feel like having an internationally inspired meal, such as couscous or spaghetti, the team will also be happy to serve you! If you are in for a delicious sweet dessert, we recommend the authentic waffle of Liège with whipped cream and strawberries, mmmmm... Belgorama opens early, so there is a hot breakfast is on the menu. Later on the day, you can tap your own fresh pint of beer. Cheers!

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