Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Users are advised to read these general terms and conditions of use carefully before browsing this website. These general terms and conditions of use govern the use of services (hereafter “Interactive Services”) provided by Autogrill S.p.A. (hereafter “Autogrill”) and/or its participating local Affiliates (Autogrill and local Affiliates are hereafter referred to as the “Autogrill Group”) via the www.vyaggio.com website or local variations of this website (hereafter the “Site”).

Simply by using the Site, the user acknowledges that he/she unconditionally accepts these general terms and conditions of use, which may be amended as necessary by Autogrill at any time. Users who do not wish to comply with these general terms and conditions of use are not authorised to use this Site.

Use of the Website

Personal and non-commercial use

All content on this Site is owned or controlled by the Autogrill, its affiliated organisations and carefully selected external partners. You may download content only for personal use and for non-commercial purposes, but no modification of the content is permitted. Reproduction of its content is only permitted to the extent technically foreseen by the Site (e.g. coupons or itineraries to be downloaded and/or printed for later use or URL bookmarks to be stored). Content on the Site may otherwise not be copied or used in any other way except if explicitly stated otherwise.


Users are authorised to create:

  • one or more simple link(s)/bookmarks to the Site’s homepage;

  • one or more simple link(s)/bookmarks to the homepage of the Site’s different (local) sections;

  • one or more link(s)/bookmarks to a map, route, POS, list of points of interest and/or a page containing a description.

The Autogrill Group makes great effort to provide secure, accurate and complete information on this Site. However, portions of the information contained on this Site may be incorrect or not current. Any errors or omissions should be reported for investigation to the following electronic mail address: (vyaggio@autogrill.net).

Use provided for by law

Users are legally authorised to make brief quotes, analyses and reproductions for press reviews, as well as for other purposes expressly authorised by law within the limits and under the conditions stipulated by law and subject inter alia to stating the name of the authors and the source of publication.

Limitations of use

Unless expressly authorised in advance by Autogrill, all reproduction, representation and use other than that stated above is prohibited, in particular:

  • any adaptation, provision to the public (solicited or otherwise), distribution, retransmission in any form whatsoever, networking, public communication of all or part of the Interactive Services, and of all works, services, trademarks and all copyrighted material or material that may be protected by intellectual property law reproduced on the Site;

  • any extraction or reuse, including for private purposes of a substantial part of the content of the databases created by the Site;

  • any repeated and systematic extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of even a small part of the content of the databases created by the Site;

  • any link, access, modification, addition, or deletion that relates to the automatic processing system for online publication which alters publication conditions or editorial policy.

Any user acting in breach of these general terms and conditions of Use renders himself liable to civil or criminal prosecution to combat infringement of copyright, the breach of connected rights and the breach of rights of producers of databases and automatic data processing systems, as provided by different national laws.

Interactive Services

The Site allows users the ability to organise their trip and to plan their stops at various points of sale (hereafter “POS”) managed by the Autogrill Group located in the following countries; Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, and Spain. Users may therefore enter information on this Site as required from time to time depending on the type of trips to be organised.

Autogrill Group and its employees shall not be liable for damages or losses of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of information, including but not limited to, damages or losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy or timeliness of any such information or damages incurred from the viewing, usage, distributing, or copying of those materials.

Information provided on this website are provided "as is." No warranty of any kind, implied, expressed, or statutory is given with respect to the contents of this Site or its hyperlinks to other Internet resources such as but not limited to “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Hyves” “Nujij” etc..

Not authorized activities

The user must not to publish content on the Interactive Services or the Site that is in breach of current laws and regulations.

In particular, the user must not:

  • distribute information that offends public order or public decency;

  • use the service for propaganda or proselytising, canvassing or recruitment purposes;

  • publish commercial or advertising information or information that constitutes propaganda for tobacco, alcohol or any other regulated substance, product or service;

  • use the service provided in a manner that is likely to interfere with the free communication of other users or to transmit any material constituting or inciting the commission of acts punishable by law;

  • distribute content that contravenes third party personality rights, or is defamatory, abusive, obscene, pornographic, offensive, violent or that incites political, racial, xenophobic, sexual or homophobic discrimination or violence;

  • publish information that contravenes legislation on the protection of personal data making it possible to identify individuals without their consent, in particular their surname, postal and/or e-mail address, telephone number, photo, audio or audiovisual recording;

  • fraudulently access the Site, and in particular the Interactive Services.

The user also agrees not to contravene third party intellectual property rights, inter alia by removing or deleting any copyright notices or trademarks or any restrictive markings.

The user undertakes to comply with current laws and regulations and only to use content (text, photos, files, etc.) over which he/she has distribution rights, to whose distribution the rights holder has given his/her express consent, or which is free of any rights. The user warrants to Autogrill Group that he/she has the necessary rights to publication of the content published on the Site in particular to the pictures that can be uploaded via the photo module. The term “rights” is construed in particular to mean personality rights, copyrights, trademark rights, consent for publishing any persons picture which has not given their consent for publication on a publicly accessible medium, etc.

Failure to comply with the general terms and conditions of use may result in the removal of the disputed content, a warning and/or closure of the user’s account, notwithstanding any further legal action and/or damages that the Autogrill Group may be entitled to enforce against the user.

Autogrill informs the user that a moderation system is used in order to control, delete or modify content published by users of the Site which appears to contravene these general terms and conditions of use, or which has been reported as doing so by other users or a judicial authority.

To exercise reporting of any particulare infringement, users or organisations may register a complaint by clicking on Help & Support to open an online form and sending us all the information they deem necessary. The attention of users is drawn to the fact that all their statements may be used in the context of legal actions. Users who provide untrue, inaccurate or misleading information render themselves liable to civil and criminal proceedings.

Users are entitled to have any picture removed if they feel they have not given prior consent to any publication where they would be recognisable on a picture. Organisations which feel that a brand has not been made unrecognizable on any published picture may request to delete such pictures. Both Users and Organisations should use the Help & Support Module and indicate to which location the contested pictures relates to and indicate the reason why the pciture should be removed. Our moderators will analyse any request and immediately remove the picture if they are not in accordance with our internal guidelines and/or our guidelines stated in this section.


The users may upload files via the Help & Support Module.

To upload files on the Site, the user must first identify himself/herself by disclosing, at the least, their email address and then he/she can proceed to use the online Help & Support Module.

Users may also upload pictures of Autogrill Stores by using the "Upload a Picture" button.

The files published by users through the Interactive Services should (i) be related to themes of travel (ii) offer touristic interest, and (iii) respect the formats and sizes as mentioned in the online publication form and (iv)in accordance with the guidelines stated in the Non-authorised use section of the terms and conditions. The Autogrill Group reserves the right not to proceed with the upload, publication and/or to remove any file that does not meet these conditions.

By posting files or uploading pictures through the Interactive Services, you authorise the Autogrill Group to represent, reproduce, use, adapt and archive the files on all digital or paper media, known at the time of the upload and/or future support for promotional and/or commercial purposes, free of charge, for all countries and for the duration of literary and artistic property rights attached to the file and current and future international agreements, stipulated by Italian and foreign legislation.

For this purpose, you authorise the Autogrill Group in particular to (i) reproduce any files on all versions of the Interactive Services, (ii) adapt files in size, definition, framework, transition to black & white, mitigation, transparency (iii) integrate files into databases in combination with other contextual elements, operate and distribute such databases and (iv) archive files. Moreover, you warrant that you are the lawful owner of all necessary intellectual property rights attached to the files for the aforementioned license, including but not limited to, all necessary authorisation from the people and/or the owners of buildings or personal properties appearing on the files, and you guarantee the Autogrill Group unobstructed use of the files for the extent and duration of the assignment agreed by you. You guarantee the Autogrill Group in particular full and free enjoyment of rights assigned against any disturbance, claim or dispossession whatsoever.

Intellectual property rights and trademark protection

All built-in contents of the Site (added directly by the Autogrill Group), for example but not limited to text, databases, electronic records, designs, brands, logos, models, projects, codes, procedures, etc. are owned by the Autogrill Group or external partners who have granted their use and disclosure to the Autogrill Group. This above-mentioned material is protected by regulations put in place for the protection of industrial and intellectual property.

In particular, the rights of economic exploitation of the above-mentioned material in various sections of the Site are owned by the Autogrill Group and/or by external partners who have specially authorised the former to publish it without prejudice to the ownership of the moral rights due to the relative authors. Any use for any purpose of what is contained on the Site is forbidden, if not expressly authorised or does not comply with these “General terms and conditions of use”.

Changes to the general terms and conditions of use

Autogrill may amend these general terms and conditions of use at any time. Such amendments bind the user as soon as they go online. Accordingly, the user is advised to regularly consult the general terms and conditions of use and the special terms and conditions of use so as to be aware of any new terms and conditions.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Failure by the user, regardless of his/her location, to comply with any of the provisions of these general terms and conditions of use and, in general any problem concerning their execution, interpretation or validity, shall be subject to Italian Law. Any dispute in connection with this Site shall be submitted to the competent court(s) of Milan.


The User consents to the handling of his personal data by Autogrill and the other Group Companies and their relative transfer into the countries on the list available on page http://www.vyaggio.com/locations clicking on the appropriate box.

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